FAST Technologies

FAST Technologies is a leading factory automation provider and manufacturing systems solutions integrator. We create, design and deliver custom hardware and software projects to a number of diverse global manufacturing companies including: Automated line design and build, integration of collaborative robotics, deployment of Business Intelligence strategies to deliver OEE improvements, control batch processing, electronic SOP, ERP integration, CAPA and many others. Our flexible software platform offers unparalleled connectivity to data sources and machines. Historian allows contextually rich data to be stored facilitating quick root cause analysis and fault detection. Workflow allows for processes to be automated and enables full traceability and compliance. FAST Technologies solutions are fully ISA-95 compliant and are focussed on Industy 4.0 – connecting manufacturers to their devices and business systems in a smart and actionable way.
We have the engineering know-how, the design expertise and the partner platforms to deliver individual, highly customised, automated solutions for business across the Industrial, Life Sciences, Technology, Food & Beverage, and Chemical sectors.

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