LineView Solutions

We specialise in providing cutting edge systems and support to improve manufacturing efficiency, from single machine to full enterprise-wide performance data capture and visualisation. See us at the show to discuss how we can help you improve your plant efficiency.

Do you accurately know how long each of your machines has stopped in fault today?

  • Do you want to know all your OEE losses in real time?
  • Do you want to make downtime and speed loss instantly visible?
  • Do you want to see the real reasons for machines not running?
  • Do you want to get automated reports identifying your losses so that you can tackle them?

When you install a system by LineView on your line you will:

  • Always know your real losses on this shift
  • Get the ultimate Andon System directing your teams to fix real machine issues
  • Have a fully automated data collection tool – teams no longer waste time with manual collection
  • Be able to access our reporting from anywhere in your factory

Visit or call us on 01564793039 for more.

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