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OEEsystems International provide powerful, intuitive manufacturing performance management software solutions to the world’s most progressive manufacturing companies. We help them to increase output, reduce costs, improve competitiveness, make informed decisions and deliver business performance excellence.

PerformOEE™ is our advanced, automated, real-time manufacturing data collection software solution providing superior insight and visibility into your processes on any device. It has the ability to accurately identify, and quantify performance losses and provides a continuous stream of improvement opportunities for you to focus on and fix. It can be used in Discrete, Continuous and Batch/API environments.

OEEsystems International are OEE & OEE Software experts and have an impressive global customer portfolio including Allergan, GE Healthcare, CooperVision, Solvay, Muller Dairies, Finsbury Foods, C & C, Keelings, Emerson, Schneider Electric & Henkel. We are Manufacturing Experts who take an Operational Excellence (OPEX) approach to OEE rather than a Top Line or Technical approach. Our customers are achieving impressive results including, 30% increase in output, 25% reduction in unplanned downtime, 20% increase in line speeds and15% reduction in scrap and waste. Our Return on Investment is proven and quick which means your investment will pay for itself within 6 months or less.

Contact Details:

Contact Angela Drum, Business Development Manager for your first, exploratory, OEE Software conversation and to organise a PerformOEE ™ Software Demonstration.
A: OEEsystems International, Head Office, Gurtnafleur Business Park, Clonmel
Co Tipperary, Ireland
E: angela.drum@oeesystems.com
T: +353 52 6170386
W: http://www.oeesystems.com/

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