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ProductVision software is the global choice to solve the problems of managing formulation, recipes and new product development, allowing you to keep ahead of the game. ProductVision is a modular and fully integrated system that automates and streamlines your product development process, ensuring that your products meet both the technical and regulatory demands in a competitive, global marketplace.
ProductVision is extremely flexible with an array of modules and configuration options, allowing you to tailor the system specifically to your company’s requirements, this is a key factor in the success of ProductVision as the preferred product development system in Food & Drink Sector.

Product Vison deals with the challenges of:
Complex nutritional and allergen labelling regulations
Varying EU and International legislation
Complex recipes require time consuming calculations
Ethnic & dietary restrictions e.g. Halal, Kosher
Creation of Nutritional and QUIDS panels instantly
integration to external data
Determination of allergens e.g. Halal & Kosher
Manipulation outcomes and target values with “What If” feature
Built in reporting tools
Complex calculations handled
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