TM Electronics

Family-run thermometer manufacturer, TM Electronics (TME), supplies robust and accurate food thermometers and probes all over the world. Always developing new technologies to streamline temperature data capture, TME’s range is both HACCP-compliant and UK-built.


TME specialises in robust, waterproof thermometers and probes that efficiently monitor temperature across a wide variety of food and drink manufacturing applications. TME have been designing and manufacturing high quality, accurate and affordable equipment for 25 years.


TME’s broad range of thermometers and temperature equipment offers highly functional mechanical designs complete with incredibly high accuracy and stability, as well as an unmatched ease of use.



TME has a long held reputation for developing significant improvements and innovations in temperature measurement and recording – raising performance and driving down costs. The ThermoBar Scan range of thermometers uniquely combine high accuracy temperature measurement with an integral Barcode reader – representing the next generation in temperature measurement.


At TME, the emphasis is on equipment that lasts and lasts – providing sustainability and long term cost efficiency. The Thermometer for Life scheme guarantees to replace or repair any MM2000 Thermometer you damage for no more than £35 – for life.

TME – When Temperature Matters

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