TotalMobile Ltd.

TotalMobile are empowering organisations to revolutionise how they deliver services in healthcare, local government and wider industry.

TotalMobile transforms the way people work by saving each user 1 to 2 hours per day through the removal of unnecessary, burdensome tasks. This enables organisations to significantly increase the capacity of their workforce and generate large efficiency savings.


With our authentically mobile solution, everything is possible. Users have the ability to access and record all required information at the point of service delivery, via an intuitive solution that is designed around their needs.


TotalMobile also gives you granular visibility of how you are working, unearthing valuable insights. Combined with our powerful scheduling solution and organisations have all they need to pinpoint how they can achieve operational supremacy.

Our track record in mobile innovation means we understand exactly what is takes to mobilise your entire operation. So why take risks on the limited capability of other mobile solutions on the market?


TotalMobile gives you all the benefits of a mobile world and none of the restrictions. It is not weighted down by the restrictions of back office systems, but is untethered, giving your organisation everything it needs to succeed.

Life is Better in a Mobile World.

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