WinMan was the first genuine native Windows ERP product and is a comprehensive solution designed and engineered to be intrinsically adaptable and flexible.  It strongly complements modern best business practices and is the class leader in support of Lean techniques. Developed and supported in the UK, WinMan is a new generation fully integrated ERP system for the management of manufacturing processes requiring the support of good manufacturing and distribution processes.


A growing number of Food and Drink companies are turning to WinMan ERP solutions to support their GMP and GDP processes. WinMan will manage inventory, production, quality and all commercial aspects of a Food and Drink company and deliver both efficiency and financial savings whilst at the same time improving quality management. Offering both paper based and Electronic Batch Records, and with powerful recipe management, WinMan ensures that production is carried in a controlled and consistent manner.


To find out why WinMan is fast becoming the go-to ERP solution for Food and Drink manufacturers and distributors please visit us at this year’s Food & Drink Data and IT Summit.

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