Alan Blyther – Director, Vision For Food, United Kingdom

  • With over 25 years introducing IT solutions to the food manufacturing sector, Alan’s goal is for Vision For Food to become industry standard for paperless control in food factories. He says ‘The benefits are clear. Capturing data is so quick and intuitive using Smart Touchscreen technology, and reporting is immediate for traceability, material utilisation, QC, compliance and continuous improvement’

    Presentation Title:

    What does it look like when you replace paper with tablets and touchscreen terminals in the factory? … and how does traceability present itself?

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Vision For Food can replace every paper record in the factory for any food manufacturer.  From goods intake where raw materials and packaging items are received, through multi-level WIP production processes where materials and intermediate manufactured items are consumed and production output batches created, to the packing of customer products, EVERY check that is currently recorded on paper can be completed using ‘Smart’ tablets and touchscreen terminals, using Vision For Food.


    In 15 minutes Alan Blyther will show you the elements involved,  what the system looks like from the operator’s point of view,  and what the instantaneous traceability and other reports can look like too. Whether you vision is ‘paperless’ or just ‘less paper’ to begin with, Vision For Food works, just like you want IT to.

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