Alan McMahon- Senior Analytics Consultant, Presidion

  • Speaker Bio:

    As a Senior Analytics Consultant working with Presidion for the last 11 years, Alan has extensive experience of the design and implementation of applied predictive analytics. He has particular expertise as a solutions architect, helping customers to identify their main business objectives and designing appropriate and efficient analytics solutions to achieve these, mapping client’s needs and goals to drive a successful project outcome.


    Presentation Title:

    Applications in Predictive Analytics and the key ingredients for successful business transformation

    Presentation Synopsis:

    From maintenance operations in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Optimisation, to tailoring marketing offers to individual customers, see how companies are using predictive analytics throughout their business to generate significant ROI. Alan McMahon, Senior Analytics Consultant with Presidion, will provide some exciting examples of Predictive Analytics in action in the Food and Drink industry. Alan will also share some of his 11 years of experience running predictive analytics projects to help you to understand what mistakes to avoid when starting out with Predictive Analytics


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