Alex Hill- Co-founder, Senseye

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    Alex is a Co-founder of Senseye, having spent his career working on software in industries as diverse as aerospace, defence, energy and transportation. His background in Digital Systems Engineering and early work on one of the largest wireless sensor networks in the world has enabled Alex to bridge the gap between the real-world and the promises of the Internet of Things. In Senseye, he contributes his interests and experience to the development PROGNOSYS, the first prognostic product in the world. Alex loves cats, keeping things simple and helping businesses to grow. He also wonders if anybody reads these things.

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    Title: Real world Industry 4.0 – Prognostics

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    Prognostics isn’t a dirty word, it’s used in Aerospace to predict failure and keep availability high. Until now it’s not been applied in other sectors but Industry 4.0 and the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ is changing that. Alex, cofounder of Senseye will explain more about the background and real world application of this exciting technology and why it adds greatest value over simple diagnostics and predictive analytics.

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