Andrew Langford- Sales Manager, LineView Solutions

  • Speaker Bio:

    Having spent 35 years working with High Reliability bespoke electronics, a new challenge was needed. The opportunity to work with OEE monitoring equipment has proved to be just that. Having worked in engineering development, purchasing and sales allows Andrew to empathize with all aspects of the customer journey. Since joining LineView, Andrew has been helping many sites improve performance on their quest to World Class OEE.

    Presentation Title:

    Reducing Downtime with XL800

    Presentation Synopsis:

    If you’re currently asking your operators and supervisors to capture production counts and down times with pen and paper or an Excel spreadsheet, then you will absolutely benefit from this 10-15min presentation, because we can help! Our XL800 system is a bolt-on monitoring system that’s installed on over 15,000 processes worldwide helping manufacturers to:

    • Capture production information automatically directly from the machine
    • Display use the LED screen to track target vs actual on the factory floor
    • Track downtime accurately with no manual recording through a series of pre-prepared reports
    • Report on Top Losses, compare trends by shift or by part, and benchmark processes
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