Antony (Tony) Walford- BA (Hons), FCILT, Joint Managing Director, Supply Solutions (2009) Ltd, UK

    • Antony (Tony) Walford- BA (Hons), FCILT, Joint Managing Director, Supply Solutions (2009) Ltd, UK's presentations

    A supply chain professional with 30 years experience. Tony has led companies in the fields of freight forwarding, 3PL, technology and consultancy. He now jointly owns Supply Solutions (2009) Ltd, focused on consultancy and training across the End-to-End Supply Chain. Tony is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport.
    Talk Title- End-to-End Supply Chain Integration – (The missing link in Supply Chain Management and does the Babel fish used by Arthur Dent in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy provide the answer?)

    Over the past thirty years, like most of us, I have attended many conferences and read learned papers on supply chain management and while the graphics have improved and the jokes got worse the core messages are still essentially the same:

     That we need to view supply chains as end-to-end processes
     That supply chains are not chains at all but complex matricies
     That optimising part of the chain in isolation usually creates sub-optimisation throughout the rest of the chain
     That we need to break down the information silos
    So has end-to-end supply chain management become fundamental to the way businesses operates or are we just scratching at the surface of the opportunity?
    This paper will look at why we have failed to fully integrate our supply chains and how we can realise the opportunity to release business value from them.

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