Arthur Stone

  • Arthur Stone, CEO & OEE expert has over 30 years’ experience in Senior Engineering, Operations and Technology Management Roles and has an Engineering Degree from University College Cork.  Arthur firmly believes that the key to delivering tangible results from manufacturing improvement initiatives such as Lean and Six Sigma is the availability of accurate and timely information on how the production processes are performing, identifying the real issues and opportunities and driving performance improvement in real-time.

    OEEsystems International


    OEEsystems International provide Manufacturing Performance Management software solutions to the world’s most progressive manufacturing companies to improve competitiveness, increase output, reduce costs and deliver business performance excellence.

    Our OEE software PeformOEE™ is an automated, highly accurate, real-time data collection solution which provides superior process visibility on any device, the ability to accurately track losses and a continuous stream of improvement opportunities. Unlike other OEE software systems PerfomrOEE™ can be deployed across Bulk, Discrete and Continuous manufacturing processes.   The software is quick and easy to implement and typically our customers experience OEE gains of up to 30% and an R.O.I. within 6 months.

    The OEEsystems International team are OEE Specialists. With years of experience at Senior Manager Level in both Manufacturing and Software companies, we are uniquely positioned to support the delivery of tangible and sustained business improvements.   We are experts in delivering OEE projects worldwide and have multiple installations in Europe, the US and Asia.  We are the OEE company of choice for progressive manufacturers including Muller Wiseman Dairies, Finsbury Foods, Highland Spring, Norbev, Aurivo, GE Healthcare, Actavis, Solvay & Henkel and have earned the reputation as the company that not only provide “World Class” OEE software and expertise but also make OEE improvement actually happen.

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