Barry Drummond CPIM, CSCP- Sales Manager , Aspera Solutions

  • Barry is a commercially astute, senior level sales professional with over 20 years’ experience working with Food and Beverage and FMCG brands.  A strategic thinker and a strong communicator, he is committed to the creation of sustainable and profitable results for his clients. The ever-growing portfolio of companies he has helped in the sector include Dairy Crest, Warburtons, Associated British Foods, Saudi Arabian Dairy and Food Company and Moy Park.

    Title: ERP for crazy


    Synopsis: The food industry has always been a challenging one for companies to operate in successfully. The need to constantly innovate and deliver products that meet or exceed consumer tastes, combined with a highly competitive environment and tight margins have for many been the staple trading environment. Today those challenges are magnified. Consumers are demanding products that not only taste good but also tick the healthy box. Regulation, whether self of legislative, presents more and more pressures. Media and social media mean that one simple mistake can devastate your business overnight. Brexit, sustainability, waste and many other factors all add to this mix presenting what can only be described as a crazy world for Food & Beverage companies to operate in. Because you operate in a volatile world you need your ERP to help you navigate through it. It needs to adapt to the numerous challenges the business faces and proactively drive the business towards success. Join us in this short workshop to find out more.

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