Belinda Phipps-Chief Executive,The Science Council

  • Chief Executive, The Science Council,  and Chair, The Fawcett Society.

    Belinda is a transformational leader who has inspired organisations to create a better future through toughened financial health, meet demands within challenging targets whilst improving service quality. She takes a dynamic approach to achieving change through partnership and coalition working across whole systems. Her strong influencing skills, and her value as a strong public speaker ensure a strong voice for the organisations she has worked with. (78)


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    The UK is facing unprecedented change with the onset of a life outside of the EU. amidst uncertainty, there is one constant: the contribution of UK based science and technology Worldwide  and the recognition that it deserves. Resting on our laurels won’t work we must drive scientists and technicians towards professional registration which ensures scientific practice  and safety is beyond reproach.

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    Preserving public trust in our scientists to maintain our food safety standards post 2019

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