Cheryl Robinson

  • Cheryl Robinson is the KTP Associate and Sustainability Assistant for Asda Stores Ltd. and the University of Leeds. Her work primarily consists of customer insight and consumer behaviour change. On a quarterly basis she surveys 20,000 of Asda’s customers to gain quality, primary data that help explain how everyday consumers think and act in terms of sustainability. She is also responsible for a joint project between Asda and the University of Leeds which aims to help consumers all across the UK reduce household food waste. This project consists of designing behaviour change interventions, conducting them and measuring their impact through data collection and analysis. She is currently working on the second round of interventions to take place in August 2015.
    A key aspect of this work is engaging with customers to both ensure the project’s success and to continually improve Asda’s green performance.
    Cheryl completed her MSC Sustainability (Environmental Consultancy and Project Management) in 2014 at the University of Leeds. For her dissertation she designed a behaviour change intervention for Asda; for which she received the MSC Sally MacGill Memorial Prize.

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