Chris Tozer- Ivanti Territory Manager for the UK, Ireland and Italy.

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    Chris Tozer is Territory Manager – UK, Ireland & Italy for Ivanti Supply Chain. With over 15 years of experience in the Supply Chain Technology solutions market, Chris is responsible for channel development, account management, and all former Wavelink software sales in the UK and Italy.

    Supplying Starbucks in the 21st Century – Ivanti Supply Chain & Gist


    Step into any Starbucks and you’re enveloped in a cosy yet bustling atmosphere of rich aromas, sights, and sounds. But, behind the seamless operation at the front end of every Starbucks, there’s a supply chain; and for the 750 locations in the UK and Ireland that rely on Gist, their supply chain specialists – this is no different.


    In an especially frantic environment, and with such mission critical supply chain operations to deliver, Gist had the daunting challenge of updating their technology to cope with the increasing demand of delivering small quantities of multiple items to numerous Starbucks destinations daily. For this reason, they chose to work with Ivanti Supply Chain’s voice enablement technology (Speakeasy), which accelerated productivity and streamlined business operations by enabling workers to use a headset and perform tasks hands-free.


    In this talk, Chris Tozer will give a brief overview of how Ivanti Supply Chain’s next generation supply chain technology allowed Gist to provide Starbucks with new levels of efficiency.

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