Daren Spice-Sales & Marketing Director, Gordian Strapping.

  • Daren Spice is Sales & Marketing Director at Gordian Strapping Ltd.  Gordian Strappingsupplies turnkey, end-of-line packaging systems including case handling equipment.  Daren has 17 years’ experience in the packaging industry and has written a number of articles on tertiary packaging including strapping, stretch wrapping, stretch hooding and shrink hooding.

    Title of Presentation

    Stretch Hooding versus Stretch Wrapping  – Which is right for you?


    Before stretch hooding machines were introduced to the market, the two main options for protecting palletized goods were Stretch Wrapping and Shrink Hooding. Daren Spice compares the different packaging methods, and explores why stretch hooding is gaining in popularity.


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