Dave Hoohakker- Retail Account Director, K International

  • Speaker Bio:

    Dave is an Account Director at K International, a language provider working for major UK retailers and global brands. K International is very experienced with language applications on packaging, in e-commerce and for marketing purposes. We see language as a manageable cost and promote integrated technology solutions to reduce time and waste in retail operations.

    Presentation Title:

    Three language technologies that will speed up any global supply chain

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The food and drink sector has a real appetite for language – exploiting it to differentiate products, develop brand stories and promote sales.  Today, with so many media outlets to choose from, all brands face challenges to diversify their product catalogues and their hyper marketing – so there’s likely to be more, not less,  language in the future.
    We foresee a future with borderless automated processes where multiple languages for packaging and promotions are carried through the supply chain engaging directly with local suppliers and international consumers at every touch point along the way.
    This presentation will highlight key advances in technology such as machine translation, CMS systems and bulk uploading –  allowing for ever smarter ways for retailers and brands to create multilingual content for re-use on multiple platforms.
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