Dave Worthington- Managing Director, Verco

  • Dave Worthington is Verco’s Managing Director with over 18 years’ experience advising policy makers, major companies and public sector organisations on energy efficiency and low carbon infrastructure. Recent major projects include; directing a £1.5m major research project for the UK’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to update the evidence on non-domestic energy efficiency; providing EU-wide technical support for the Investor Confidence Project including Quality Assurance of a range of building retrofit projects; and undertaking ESOS compliance audits for the Environment Agency.


    Verco is an award winning energy management and sustainability business with over 28 years of experience combining high-level policy and strategy advice with expert technical delivery and intuitive software. Verco is responsible for gaining momentum in the UK on the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe, and is leading the technical development of the ICP tools across Europe.


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    Unlocking investment in industrial energy efficiency projects – how to deliver high quality projects and safer returns.

    Lack of standardisation in the development of energy efficiency projects in industry is a major barrier to investment, despite potentially attractive financial returns. It is impeded by a number of barriers including a lack of confidence in energy savings and a lack of standardised processes and documentation. The Investor Confidence Project (ICP) unlocks access to financing for the building, industry, district energy and street lighting markets by standardising how energy efficiency projects are developed, documented and measured. ICP providers an international certification that ensures best practices, the right professionals and third-party validation are used to deliver high quality projects that can be banked on. Having focussed specifically on the buildings sector, ICP Europe is now extending its approach to energy efficiency projects in the industrial, district energy and street lighting sectors.

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