David Greenwood- Owner and founder, Coeur de Xocolat Ltd

  • Great taste and a clear conscience: the essential ingredient

    David Greenwood-Haigh is passionate about chocolate and also how it is sourced. Fair trade, trade justice and sustainability are key aspects as he strives to enthuse others on the versatility of this ancient food.

    From the cocoa plantations in Haiti and Ghana to the head office in London, David has extensive commercial and practical experience of the bean to bar route.  His formal training as a chef and enthusiastic delivery allow you to experience an informative and also innovative perspective of chocolate. David has spent fifteen years sharing his chocolate story and changing perceptions along the way with his well-refined ‘sensory analysis of chocolate’

    Presentation Title: Great taste and a clear conscience: the essential ingredient

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Over £23 million worth of Fairtrade Premium was generated in sales in the UK.

    78 per cent of consumers recognise the Fairtrade mark.

    Fairtrade products are now sold in more than 120 countries.

    Call me idealistic but I believe that business should be fair. Stories of impoverished peoples laboring for pennies a day in fields or factories disgned to create more out of season food,clothing, electronics and household goods inspires me to repeat myself: Business should be fair.
    Your consumers expect that you have sourced ethically and cared for your suppliers and workers on their behalf and we have seen what impact negative press about working conditions. Primark £6m had to pay compensation…..

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