Dennis McCarthy- Director at DAK Consulting.


    • Dennis is a manufacturing excellence coach and author with a track record of guiding internal teams to deliver sustained performance gains from operational improvement and capital investment programmes.
    • He has supported well known and award winning organisations in the FMCG sector including Barfoots, Heineken, Mars, Pepsi (Walkers Snacks), Premier Foods, Morrisons and Princes Foods.
    • Project locations include Europe, India, China and the USA.


    Company Details


    Dennis is a Director at DAK Consulting, a global operations management consultancy helping managers to secure year on year improvement in performance through internal improvement teams.


    The Path to Industry Leading Performance.


    Around 1% of organisations achieve exemplar performance yet many more than that seek to make the journey towards it.

    Some get disillusioned, some become trapped like a moth around a lightbulb of shiny new quick fix initiatives unable to make real progress.

    Learn how those that achieve exemplar levels deal with gaps in the fabric of management, ratchet up performance by creating a network of improvement leaders, working together to stack the cards their favour.




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