Pedro Silva- IT Director, Frulact – AB2

  • With more than 18 years’ experience working in IT, Pedro has 14 years consultancy and project management experience, working for organisations such as Capgemini, Edinfor, Ernst & Young amongst others. In 2013 Pedro joined Frulact as the Information System Specialist of the company and is now Frulact´s IT Director.

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    Presentation Title: AB Squared: Frulact Digital Transformation path

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    Frulact operates in the agro-industrial sector, both in internal and international markets supplying B2B customers with fruit preparations for fresh dairy products, yogurts, ice cream, beverages and industrial pastry. Dealing with demanding processes due to the organisation’s specificity and globalisation, Frulact required a system that could deliver an integrated solution in several geographies, could empower innovation and achieve operations growth for the company through a path of digital transformation. AB Squared (AB2) successfully delivered SAP solutions and support to ensure Frulact could achieve and leverage their business , in order to successfully overcome their challenges. Join Pedro Silva, Frulact´s IT Director in this Keynote to know how AB Squared can help your company to achieve the same results.


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