Dr. Ilias P. Vlachos

  • Ilias holds a Ph.D. from Cranfield University, UK. Previously, Ilias was a Reader in Logistics & Supply Chain Management at Newcastle Business School and he had also held positions in Liverpool University and Agricultural University of Athens, Greece.

    Ilias has served at various leading positions, including manager of Research and Enterprise Development Programme in Faculty of Business and Law at Northumbria University, and Scientific Responsible of EU funded programmes. In the past, ilias has studied the Adoption of Electronic Data Interchange and worked with RFID projects in retail sector.

    Ilias was the e-business food sector expert of the The European e-Business Support Network for SMEs project (eBSN European Commission) and currently being member of the Hellenic Association of Information and Communication Technology in Agriculture, Food and Environment (HAICTA), Greece.

    This study aimed to evaluate the impact of RFID practices on retail supply chain performance. Empirical data was collected via an online survey of 300 retail companies, with 43.3% response rate. A hierarchical regression model was developed with eight RFID practices (warehouse, central warehouse, local warehouse, store, Standards, Transportation, Pallet, and software) as independent variables and eight supply chain performance variables as dependent variables. RFID impacted all supply chain variables (Plan, Forecasting, Source, Replenishment, Ordering, Distribution & Delivery, Store Operations, and Sales & Returns), except Forecasting. Supplier Stock Availability (45.4%), and Wastage at Stores (42.2%) showed the highest impact.

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