Dr Steve Gardner- CEO, RowAnalytics Ltd

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    Digital Health tools for Personalizing Dietary Advice

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The importance of a high-quality diet in fighting disease and optimising the performance of drugs is becoming well-understood. Current advice is very generic (e.g. Eat 5-a-day!) and there are no tools available either for professional nutritionists or patients themselves that enable them to understand which foods will work best with each patient’s individual combination of diseases and drugs. The talk will discuss the development of such a tool (healthyswaps.diet) that can provide personalised advice at the point of care or at home, in the supermarket or online to enable everyone to understand and avoid foods that are likely to interact with or change the behaviour of their medicines.

    Speaker Bio:

    Dr Steve Gardner (CEO of RowAnalytics Ltd) has raised over £50M funding for various informatics businesses in the UK and USA and has designed, built and brought to market a number of innovative and commercially successful products in life sciences and healthcare. Steve is a former Global Director of Research Informatics for Astra AB, with responsibility for integrating, managing and analysing all of Astra’s R&D information. He consults widely on large scale informatics and analytics projects, digital health, personalised medicine & nutrition and biobanking of human tissues for a variety of organisations including the NHS, Breast Cancer Now, UKCRC and Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst.

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