Fraser Durham- Co-founder & Commercial Director, Argand Solutions

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    Fraser left his “bubble” in the City in 2004 and discovered climate change and sustainability whilst studying for his MSc. Since then he has found his passion in using objective data to help drive decisions in managing energy. When not suited and booted you will find him happily bombing around the countryside with his family – plus a little DJ’ing on the side!

    Presentation Title:

    Predictive Maintenance in the Food & Drinks Industry using Energy Meters

    Overview: Many businesses have invested in energy sub-metering or are looking at the opportunity. Typically, most businesses and their energy / operation managers only utilise 1 data point – namely energy or kilo Watt hours (kWh). However, most meters provide access to further data points that can be used to drive insights into the life and potential degradation of their electrical assets. This data can lead to the potential for pro-active and predictive maintenance strategies. In this talk, Fraser will discuss what Food & Drink companies can do to leverage the information to their advantage – reducing the running and ongoing capital costs of their equipment.


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