James Flynn – CTO and Founder, Primority Ltd

  • James is a Food Safety Consultant and Software Technologist, specialising in Food Safety Management systems, with over 25 years’ experience helping food businesses solve key food safety management problems. He is the author of the popular HACCP Now software and the architect behind Primority Ltd’s new cloud solution 3iVerify.

    Presentation Title: Blockchain technology and the Internet of Food – What You Need to Know!

    Presentation Synopsis: For decades, industry has been talking about farm to fork food safety, and for decades, this has not been delivered. Food safety and food fraud continue to cost industry billions every year. In 2016, food recalls increased by more than 25% in the UK, whilst regulatory scrutiny on food supply chains continued to grow.

    Only 10% of some recalled food products are being successfully returned to store which means that up to 90% of contaminated food product may be consumed in a dangerous, hidden form of Russian roulette harming consumers and brands.

    Blockchain technology and the Internet of Food is set to change this forever.

    Primority’s CTO and Founder, James Flynn, will present a vision of the food industry where true farm to fork traceability will become a reality during the next few years. James will explain how the Blockchain and the Internet of Food will herald the arrival of the smart supermarket, the smart kitchen and its implications for food safety.

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