Jamie Tilley-Sales Manager – UK, Ireland & Nordics, NiceLabel

  • Jamie Tilley is Sales Manager at NiceLabel, focusing on the UK and Northern European markets. With over 25 years of experience in various positions within the AIDC industry, he has extensive experience in the fields printing solutions and next generation label management systems.

    Title: “Digital transformation of F&B labeling: Turn hidden costs into visible savings


    Brief synopsis:


    Modern label management systems have become one of the key success factors in the F&B companies’ attempts to streamline their processes.By digitally transforming their labeling, companies can reduce the direct and indirect costs and avoid missed opportunities.


    Future-proof technology built for F&B manufacturers enables them to use a single software platform for all printing devices and for all packaging and shipping, from primary to tertiary labeling. Companies can eliminate the risk of labeling errors, maximize their supply chain efficiency, streamline regulatory compliance, save hours of time and significantly reduce operational costs.They can automate label and direct marking printing by implementing a standardized integration their Manufacturing Execution System (MES) at each production site. By centralizing the master data and establishing a single source of truth, they can also eliminate manual data entry errors, mislabeling and associated costs.


    Join the session to learn how to transform your labeling to turn hidden costs into visible savings.

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