Jaro Tomik- Senior Sales, Traceall Global

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    Jaro is one the senior sales people at Traceall Global focussing on IoT technologies and monitoring.  With over 3 years of experience working in the technology sector, Jaro is a keen advocate of innovation and passionate about the impact of IoT in the food and beverage sector.  Working with global clients spanning 5 continents, Traceall Global are at the forefront of IoT and sustainability solutions.  They are passionate about making the world a more sustainable place to live in.  A keen blogger, Jaro publishes regular articles on the application of technology to aid the monitoring of the food supply chain as he sees the inevitable future of the food and beverage industry running in parallel to the developments within IoT.”

    Presentation Title:

    IoT and Food Industry Sustainability”

    Presentation Synopsis:

    • A short introduction to Traceall Global
    • Net to Plate/Farm to Fork – IoT solutions implementation to monitor sustainable fishing and farming from its source to retail – including case studies
    • Impact of tracking and monitoring food on the F&B sector
    • The future of IoT in F&B


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