John Graydon- Business Development Manager, MES/MOM

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    John Graydon is a business development manager for industry software operating within the PLM group of Siemens.

    Having worked 10 years in food manufacturing in R&D, quality control and production he now specialises in the field of software solutions to support the food industry. These solutions typically bridge the gap between departmental structures to facilitate greater collaboration, increase efficiency and to improve the competitive position of the business.

    At Siemens for over 16 years working both as business consultant and in pre-sales he has met many challenges coming from countless different industry environments. This work, in particular, is about challenging the status quo to break down the barriers between traditional organisational structures and generate sustainable business improvement.

    Presentation Title:

    Supporting Innovation through the Supply Chain – transforming processes with the digital enterprise

    Presentation Synopsis: 

    Siemens is a company that lives by its own ability to innovate so is well placed to understand how critical it is for the survival of any business. This presentation will showcase some of the key developments in IT that are coming together to facilitate new product introduction and product change, far quicker and with a higher rate of success. These technologies are centred around Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and must provide flexibility while at the same time supporting the creation of well controlled and sustainable processes to make and deliver products to the market. The benefits from this are already being recognised by Siemens customers throughout the entire supply chain, from primary food processors and food manufacturers to the retail and service sectors.



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