Jonathan Lodge- CEO, City Farm Systems Ltd

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    Using data to unlock and quantify the benefits of a short supply chain?

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    City Farm Systems has created patent pending technology that allows the creation of the most economically viable and sustainable urban farms.  Engineered for retrofitting to a wide variety of rooftops allows the most perishable and hardest to transport produce to be grown at the point of need.  Making use of low density waste heat and CO2 dumped by the customer cuts out the need for many of the costly inputs others pay for.

    The benefits are many and varied but to unlock the full potential requires a new business model where the use of data is a fundamental requirement – both to create ‘grow to order’ process and to quantify energy and material savings.

    Speaker Bio:

    Originally qualifying to teach Design Technology Jonathan preferred to do rather than teach.  Working through various roles in construction Jonathan ended up running a joinery shop and needing to teach accountants how to use Sage. After a recession proved the business too small to be big yet too big to be small Jonathan moved into interim finance roles where his small business knowledge proved very useful in many large organisations.  After creating the process to move Avery Dennison’s Inter-company Accountant roles to a new Europe wide shared service Jonathan moved into the public sector and showed how some significant savings could be made.  Driving home one night Jonathan needed to buy food and ended up stuck behind a supermarket lorry only yards from the store.  Once inside the shelves were bare and a light bulb was lit.  Thus started the process of bringing together many life experiences to create a new business  model.

    Along the way Jonathan has won a Special Merit Award for Food & Drink at the 2015 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, created a winning concept in the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Innovation Gateway and was a finalist in the 2degrees Champion Awards 2015.


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