Kalpana Durga – NPD Manager , Principle Healthcare Ltd

  • I am currently working as an NPD Manager at Principle Healthcare Ltd. Before coming to Principle Healthcare Ltd, I have done PhD in Food Science and worked as Research Associate at University of Leeds, where I have handled the projects with Unilever and Bakkavor. Through my expertise in Product Development of Liquids (aqueous/oil-based/emulsion), semi solids (gels) and solids (powders), I design and develop Health Supplement products that are high in quality, stability and compliant to regulations. Each product is developed while strictly following the regulations of the respective country/age group, for which the product is being made for. I am particularly interested in designing products that are more efficient and cost-effective. I work with different stakeholders to understand the product value and marketing initiatives, which helps me in choosing the particular ingredients/processes that can bring real difference to the product outlook and performance.

    Title: Innovation in Vitamin and Mineral Supplement industry

    Synopsis of the presentation:  How Innovation is available not without challenge in Vitamin and Mineral Supplement sector and as the burden on NHS increases consumers will be looking for wider product types such as Liquids/Powders/Gels etc. What kind of research is going on in certain areas such as Sarcopenia, Osteoporosis etc. where Health Supplements are being tested to fill the gap of nutrition in elderly subjects and see the effect. Also, how important it tis to consider the different varieties of product types that can deliver the essential nutrition to different age groups.

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