Karen Beggs- Service Delivery Executive, Agenor

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    Karen manages Service Delivery for Agenor Technology’s Scotland region where she works with teams of project managers, technicians, testers and deployment experts working on multiple complex programmes delivering IT change. Prior to joining Agenor in 2015, Karen spent a number of years developing and managing what became the world’s largest ePortfolio system for healthcare, then as Lead Programme Manager on the Scottish Parliament’s Digital Parliament Programme. With a background in learning assessment using technology, she has published widely in the academic literature and was a module author on FAIMER’s Masters’ in Health Professions Education at Keele University. Karen’s 11 year old Labrador still runs in the forest with her at weekends.

    Presentation Title: 

    Does IT change always have to be difficult?

    Presentation Synopsis:

    IT change is part of business, whether it’s moving to a new data centre, upgrading software or decommissioning out of date systems. The most difficult (and stressful) time can be the short window when the actual transition is made. Often this can involve dozens of people in different locations, hundreds or even thousands of tasks, many unwieldy spreadsheets and a very limited time in which to complete the changes without the business being impacted. Imagine the difference it would make if you had a dedicated team to take full responsibility, not just for the deployment weekend but the whole build up including planning, stakeholder engagement and technical team engagement, supported by a cloud-based platform that gives visibility of the full change window, live progress updates, automated communications to different stakeholders and a full audit trail for lessons learned analysis. This presentation will talk through some key principles of managing IT change to minimise the stress, the business risk and the downtime. It will show you how ICEFLO, Agenor Technology’s deployment management tool, can save time, improve control, facilitate collaboration and prevent service outage.

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