Karen Woodford – Managing Director, The Safer Eating Company Ltd UK

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    Karen launched Safer Eating following diagnosis of coeliac disease and lactose intolerance. Her two young daughters also have coeliac disease so she has first-hand experience of eating out as a family with “tricky eaters”. She’s determined to make things easier for businesses to safely cater for people with dietary requirements.

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    Easy ways to tap into the flourishing free-from market

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    The free-from market is growing year on year – so it pays to grab a piece of the pie. Karen reveals how you can grow your business by catering for people with food allergies, intolerances, coeliac disease and those on restrictive diets. She will be discussing the differences between them, what customers expect, dos and don’ts, current legislation and sharing her insider tips. Hear how other businesses have cashed in and attracted new, loyal customers by making small changes. And find out how you, too, can tap into this market.

    Collect your free links on how to cater for dietary requirements, find out about cheap and accessible training and advertise your business for free to over 12,000 “tricky eaters”.

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