Keith Smith-Principal Engineer, Perceptive Engineering Limited.

  • Keith Smith has 20+ years of experience with advanced process control and optimisation, mutivariate data analysis and process monitoring in the process industries, including applications on both continuous and batch processes.  He is responsible for optimisation of nutritional powder production for Perceptive Engineering, with particular focus on evaporation and drying processes.  He has a particular interest in hybrid modelling approaches – first principle and empirical – for real time optimisation and control.

    Presentation Title and Synopsis – Paper 1

    Statistical Process Control and Data Visualisation – Understanding What Your Plant Is Telling You

    With increasing interest in Big Data and the Industrial Internet of Things, it’s important not to lose sight of what really matters:  how do you determine if the data is trustworthy, how do you apply relevant context to make more sense of it, and how do you transform it into knowledge and action.  Perceptive’s business is data-driven process optimisation and this presentation will describe the data roadmap we’ve developed for some of our blue-chip clients.



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