Kim Antoniou – Founder, Kafoodle

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    KAFOODLE combines my twin passions of technology and food safety.
    After developing major online and mobile software solutions for the construction industry I am now building a new venture.

    In early 2014, I heard about new food-labelling laws and realised that my expertise could be used by the catering industry. I decided to channel all my energies into developing a very simple system designed to help food and drink businesses manage their menus and compliance. That information could further be used to provide `allergy-free’ menus to diners, via a mobile app.

    I have personal experience of the perils of having a food allergy. My husband of 30 years, Ron, is a severe-allergy sufferer. In 2013 he nearly died from an attack in a restaurant after he was given incorrect information by waiting staff regarding a dish’s ingredients. This extremely worrying incident gave me an extra incentive to improve the situation for both caterers and diners.

    I teamed up with long-term friend and hospitality expert Tarryn Gorre and together we set about scoping and designing Kafoodle.

    By developing Kafoodle we have created the the perfect platform to allow us to journey on a crusade to make all food transparent and my personal mission is to particularly create awareness around food allergies and encourage the use of data and mobile technology in the hospitality industry so that ultimately, we can all eat with confidence.

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    The importance of the food industry providing easy to use and accurate food information to the hospitality industry and the challenges around that together with our crusade to make all food information transparent and available to all
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