Lisa Williams- Head of Agri Food, Promar International, UK.

  • Lisa Williams – Is Head of the Agri-Food Division of Promar International.  She has previously worked for one of the UK regional food groups, Food Northwest and held a number of positions with Hazlewood Foods/ Greencore.


    Since joining Promar International, Lisa has been involved in the project management and direction of a range of assignments in the fresh and processed horticultural sectors, as well as the pork, dairy, poultry and beef sectors.   This has included analysis of markets and mapping supply chains in the UK, Continental Europe, Scandinavia, SE Asia, the Middle East, Japan, Pacific Rim and Eastern Europe & Russia.

    “Prioritising Export Markets”.  My short presentation will provide an overview of why and how companies should prioritise their export markets, and the benefits to their business.


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