Marc Nelson-Business Development Director, NetEDI

  • Passionate about helping companies make the most of their resources and streamlining business processes. A techie at heart but with the ability to discuss challenges in a non-techie way, with over 18 years in the Electronic Data Interchange field and providing consultancy services to small, medium and multi-national organisations I feel well positioned to provide insight and help to companies business processes.


    Presentation Title: How EDI can unlock the value in your supply chain

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Are some of your business processes slowing you down and restricting your growth opportunities?

    Electronic trading is often seen as a necessary evil and has been pushed onto Suppliers by Retailers and Supermarkets. Take advantage of new services in the market place that allow you to trade electronically with your own suppliers, allowing you to automate processes that could be time-consuming and riddled with mistakes. Automation is the key to unlocking your companies resources, improving customer and supplier relations and providing visibility of data throughout your supply chain.

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