Mark Evans-Managing Director, R&D Tax Claims Limited.

  • R&D Tax Claims Limited helps UK SMEs to reclaim corporation tax they’ve unknowingly overpaid in their development of new products and improving processes.

    The company was founded in January 2012 by Managing Director Mark Evans FCA and since then has claimed back over £13million for UK SMEs with an average tax saving of over £40,000per company, per annum.


    Presentation Title- R&D Tax Relief-To Claim or not to Claim

    Are you an innovative SME? If so you could you be overpaying Corporation Tax by tens of thousands £s every year by ignoring R&D tax relief. Mark Evans of R&D Tax Claims Ltd demystifies the process and shows how significant refunds can be achieved quickly and efficiently.




    The Government backed R&D Tax Relief Schemes allow UK companies involved in Research and Development to claim back corporation tax on money spent on developing and/or improving their products and processes. Approx.150,000 eligible UK SMEs could benefit from the scheme, but less than 20,000 actually make a claim, often because they don’t know how to, or consider that what they do would not be considered as R&D. Mark Evans sets out to demystify the process.








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