Neil Coole – Partner Channel Manager, BRC Global Standards

  • Neil Coole has worked in the management systems, standards and certification industry for 14+ years, including Head of Certification Sales at the British Standards Institute, Product Development of Business Performance and more recently Partner Channel Manager at BRC Global Standards.

    BRC Global Standards are the leading brand and consumer protection standards body, with an extensive background in Food Safety.

    Presentation Title – Food Safety & Quality Culture Excellence

    Presentation Synopsis

    A presentation covering the importance of understanding, measuring and improving an organisations Food Safety & Quality Culture.  All businesses employ people, and people are the lifeblood of every business.  How can we, as an industry, improve our performance, mitigate risks and improve product quality?  The most effective way is to continually improve our people and how they perform in our businesses.  To start we must first understand the current culture towards food safety and product quality, then we can begin working on continual improvement…

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