Nick Garrod-Head of Learning & ID, Cloud Sustainability.

  • Nick Garrod has worked within learning and development for over twenty years. Working with Cloud Sustainability within instructional design and eLearning. Nick has managed the production of hundreds of hours of learning content and also has extensive experience in the use and deployment of learning management systems and virtual learning environments.


    Food Waste: behaviour change eLearning

    Food production is the single biggest impact humans have on the planet’s ecosystems – it’s responsible for 80% of deforestation, 70% of fresh water consumption, massive biodiversity loss and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, globally around a third of food is wasted. We’re literally trashing our planet to grow food that no-one eats.

    The Journey of Food is an eLearning module looking at the food waste scandal. Understanding the food waste issue  to help make a positive change.

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