Paul Foster- Cost and Purchase Management Consultant

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    Cost and Purchase Management Consultant with 32 years experience reviewing business processes, improving productivity and reducing costs. Over the past five years, I’ve been working with the food services sector to unlock savings across almost all areas of business expenditure. Advising clients on new ways of doing things better, faster and cheaper than their competitors.

    Presentation Title:

    “The Circular Economy – Using Data Analysis to Unlock Savings”

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Waste is a inevitable part business, and there are costs associated in the disposal of unwanted materials. The Circular Economy intends to either reduce or reuse waste in other business or processes ideally so the end result is zero waste. This is an impossible dream without the data to provide the knowledge and understanding of the waste being produced and how it can be organised. Using data analysis to better match production to consumption, and to identify the unavoidable waste and how this can be used locally will generate resource for the business (reducing the cost of new purchases), and double the savings by reducing the cost of disposal.

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