Paul Maryan- Managing Consultant, Ricard Energy & Environment

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    Paul Maryan is Managing Consultant with Ricard Energy & Environment, an international multidisciplinary consultancy.  Paul has over 30 years’ experience of driving innovation.  He has held a number of high profile roles and has worked in a wide range of industry sectors.  Currently his focus is on unlocking the true value of data analysis in a way which is both simple and cost effective.


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    Signature analysis – a new approach to data analysis


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    Data collection and management is a key part of achieving operational efficiency and business success.  On this basis ‘big data’ is often seen as a good thing and we all spend a lot of time and money collecting and analysing more and more data.  But is having more data really the answer?  Our natural tendency to work in silos within departmental or functional boundaries means that data and data analysis can be in silos as well. This can be a barrier to unlocking the value of data. For example in settings such as retail, data on utility consumption in a given store is not considered alongside retail performance.  But by combining variable data such as utility consumption, footfall, sales information, etc. with fixed information such as operating hours, building characteristics, process schedules staffing, etc. a powerful whole-business diagnostic tool is created.  We call this approach ESAM.  ESAM enables the causes of good and bad performance of any process, factory, retail outlet or building to be easily identified and simply understood. This supports the targeted implementation of cost effective interventions to improve profitability.  ESAM is based not on modelling but on data analytics alone.  This makes this new approach a potentially powerful yet simple new way to unlock the value of data.

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