Peter Dyment-Technical manager, Camfil Ltd.

  • Peter Dyment has worked 35 years in the Air movement industry the majority in air filtration mainly with Camfil during this period . He has worked in a deepening technical role delivering training and project support.
    He is passionate that the UK Food and Beverage industries are served by the best guidance and air cleaning solutions available. His motivation is to ensure risk of airborne contamination (microbiological or otherwise) of food in the factory environment is eliminated and that plant running costs are minimized.
    He is a CIBSE accredited CPD presenter and gives consulting engineers, designers and consultant training seminars on Air Filtration, Air Quality and Energy efficiency in buildings. He has been for many years tasked with promoting the use of the most effective Low Energy Air Filters available.
    Apart from Food and Beverage in production applications, he also works with many sectors of industry including, Hospital and healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Energy including Nuclear.
    Sitting on a number of technical committees ISO, CEN and BSI that draft standards covering issues such as building and cleanroom energy use, indoor air quality and air filter testing. As part of his activites he participates in the FETA/HEVAC BESA and BSRIA organizations helping draft guidelines and codes of practice. He has also given talks, webinars and written articles and blogs.

    Presentation Title- Fresh opportunity to filter out risk in Food and Beverage

    An overview of how test standards for air filters are changing. A review of past/current standards and the way in which many people are still referencing out of date standards such as EN779:2002.


    Why air quality is critical for food and drink production areas and the risk to product quality of having inferior air quality and poorly performing filters not tested to current forthcoming filter standards.


    Raising awareness of ISO16890, it’s impact on the Food & Beverage industry and what filters classes will be applicable to the industry looking ahead in the future.

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