Peter Hoyland – Co-Founder, Bubble Ltd,

  • A true innovation enthusiast and a pragmatic master of process, Peter is a co-founder of Bubble and Head of our Consulting & Software Implementation teams.

    Leveraging his early experience of product development in the tech industry, as well as a strong consulting background gained through years working in large management consultancies, Peter has helped incorporate many insights and best practices into the fabric of our Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software platform, Bubble Innovatorâ„¢.

    Presentation Title:

    What can be done to improve resource management in the complex world of food & beverage innovation?

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Planning the resources you are going to need to deliver your new product pipeline is an evergreen topic that Innovators must continually address. Anticipating functional workloads with sufficient accuracy to minimise bottlenecks is particularly challenging, especially when many different projects are happening simultaneously. In this presentation Peter will share some insights into how best to inform your short and long term plans to ensure your new products get delivered.

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