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    Philippa is a Supply Chain Risk Advisor with BSI Group based in Mexico City, working across Europe and Latin America. She works with government agencies, multinationals, domestic companies and international organizations, providing bespoke risk management solutions across complex supply chains with significant security, social responsibility, environmental and business continuity challenges. She has experience in assessing sustainability challenges at both the grower and producer level, and evaluating critical risk factors from the perspective of small-scale growers in Latin America to suppliers and global buyers.


    Philippa is part of BSI’s Supply Chains Services and Solutions division, the leading global provider of supply chain intelligence, audit compliance and risk advisory services. Combining sophisticated technology with an intelligence platform – with a specific module on food sustainability and safety, they develop holistic approaches to building more socially and environmentally sustainable, secure and efficient global supply chains.


    She has more than eight years-experience working for the private, public and civil society sector in Europe, Asia and Latin America. She holds an MA in Conflict, Security and Development from the War Studies Dept. at King’s College London and a BA Hons from Trinity College Dublin.

    Talk Title-Creating a safe and sustainable food supply chain

    We believe the world should be supplied with quality food that is both safe and sustainable. How often do we hear such statements as key missions for global providers and those working within the food industry? What does safe and sustainable look like at a micro level – from decisions made in the board room of a global food company to the plantation at the local grower level, and the many divergent stakeholders who are directly and indirectly involved throughout the extended supply chain.


    Leveraging actionable intelligence to identify risks and vulnerabilities within these complex supply chains ensures businesses have effective mechanisms in place and become increasingly resilient by putting necessary measures and tools in place to work towards a world with safe and sustainable food.



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