Robin Clarke – Client Business Director, CIDORI.

  • After many years of successfully delivering complex learning solutions to a wide range of clients, he now works closely onthe board of directors extending such programmes and developing complementary services that contribute directly to the bottom line of our client’s business performance.As a team CIDORI operates at the very top of our profession. We bring a combined wealth of industry knowledge and experience, together with a cast iron commitment to first class customer service. This has positioned CIDORI as a leading exponent of bespoke learning and development solutions.

    Talk Synopsis –

    Why apprenticeships are essential for UK Food & Beverage Manufacturers to continue to develop the skills for future talent

    In a pioneering JV, CIDORI & Gateshead College lead their field in enhancing future talent through using Apprenticeships. These typically bespoke designed programmes of training, mapped against build leading edge ‘tools & results’ approach to enhancing its clients bottom line through Lean/Continuous Improvement training. We can work with you to identify the skills needed within your current workforce, and we’ll design the perfect apprenticeship programme for your needs. Not only that, we will handle the recruiting process, customise the training opportunities, deal with multi-site workplaces, leverage additional funds, and measure performance.Basically, we design and run your Apprenticeship programme for you – so you get all the benefits, whilst we do all the hard work.Moreover you can rest assured when it comes to quality – the quality is guaranteed.In order to deliver our apprenticeship programmes we’re partnered with outstanding-rated learning and skills provider and RoTAP accredited Gateshead College.Together we are a one-stop-shop for employers wanting highly effective, coherent and value for money apprenticeships.

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