Ross Dumigan-Food & Beverage Segment Manager CEBI Camfill

  • I began my career with Camfil 13 years ago and have never looked back. I am currently the Food & Beverage segment manager for Continental Europe & the British Isles. I work with the biggest food manufacturers in the world improving IAQ Standards & Reducing Energy Consumption without compromising processes, who exclusively use our products which are specifically designed for the F&B market to offer maximum protection for the customers product / people and process.
    I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering / Accounting and Business. I am always pushing myself to learn more.
    As someone who has spent the majority their career working within the Food and Beverage industry it is something I have a passion for. I enjoy working with likeminded people to progress and develop standards in our industry that offer the maximum protection for processes and products while also ensuring sustainability.

    Title of presentation : Food and Beverage Market Review / ProSafe – Protecting your Product

    Synopsis :

    Food and Beverage Market review

    ProSafe – Air Filters for sensitive processes
    Food and Beverage  Case Study that shows the effect of poor filtration in AHU’s and the plant


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