Roy Green – Managing Director, Harford Control Ltd. UK

  • Roy Green, Managing Director of Harford Control, talks about some of his experiences in the implementation of Lean Manufacturing within the food and drink industry during the past 40 years and why he believes that Lean Manufacturing is now more important than ever before.

    Presentation Title:  Lean Manufacturing in the Food & Drink Sector

    Presentation Synopsis: 

    Lean manufacturing is nothing new. Many who have tried it have been frustrated by their lack of success and given up. Some have been successful. In fact, even in these enlightened times, some 70% or more of performance improvement projects fail to achieve their objectives. Harford Control are system developers and manufacturers with a very strong consultancy commitment and in-depth knowledge of the tools and techniques which underpin successful implementations, such as Lean Six Sigma, Short Interval Control, SPC, Right First Time Quality, Process Capability and so on.  Prior to the appearance of Harford systems the only real options were to enlist the help of consultants, or to trust an MIS/MES systems integrator to provide viable solutions. Our strength is the combination of both and our successful track record in the implementation of extremely cost-effective solutions has been described by many as quite remarkable.

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