Tim Daniels-Marketing Manager, Autoscribe

  • Tim has over 30+ years of experience working in national and international markets across a range of software/high-technology products. He is currently the Marketing Manager at Autoscribe Informatics, based near Reading in the UK. Autoscribe Informatics provides database management solutions such as Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) that, uniquely, are graphically configurable requiring no scripting or custom coding to configure solutions. Tim‘s broad background provides a unique blend of practical knowledge and insight to drive all aspects of product and corporate marketing within Autoscribe Informatics.

    Presentation Title: Using IT solutions to Ensure Safe Production Systems through Environmental Monitoring

    Presentation Synopsis: The emphasis on safety within food, drink, drug and healthcare manufacturing environments has shifted in recent years from response to prevention. IT solutions allow food and drink manufacturers to meet emerging FSA standards at a business level through an evidence based approach to food safety. The concept of using IT based environmental monitoring techniques to control food hygiene is discussed along with fostering a quality culture (testing, reporting and the quality/CAPA cycle) to prevent costly product recalls and line stops, protect your brand and increase profits.

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